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Over the years Mrs. Moniques Pumpkin Patch Daycare has the highest Satisfied Parents ranking for home based Child Care in Severn


It is my pleasure to recommend Ms. Monique as a child care provider. Ms. Monique has been the child care provider for our son for three years and we could not be happier with her services. My son looks forward to spending the week with Ms. Monique, and I am happy knowing that he is in a safe environment with a loving caretaker.

Before my son turned two years old, he was able to count to ten and identify letters of the alphabet. He is now almost four years old and has an incredible vocabulary with a joy of learning new things. Also, her daycare reinforced respect and care for others. This is evident in the caring, respectful way that our son interacts with other children.

The love and patience that Ms. Monique puts into children makes me realize how lucky we were to have found a place we could call our son’s “home away from home.” As my son ventures into preschool this year, I feel confident that Ms. Monique has helped us tremendously in preparing him to learn and excel.

Again, I highly recommend Ms. Monique’s daycare to all of my friends and family.

I've been taking my grandson to pumpkin patch daycare for 7 years now and I wouldn't trust my grand babies with anyone else. 
Its very hard to find a good, kind and trustworthy daycare provider I don't leave my kids with just anybody I've referred Mrs. Monique's pumpkin patch daycare to a few friends of mine and they thank me for it every time i see them.  
I can't say enough about the pumpkin patch daycare it's located in Glen Burnie me where i was born and raised. My oldest went to Ms. Monique's pumpkin patch daycare and would get so excited in the morning when she would see Mrs. Monique in the doorway. Till this day she still remembers Mrs. Monique and the kids from pumpkin patch daycare . 

I am proud to say that I am satisfied parent of Mrs. Monique's pumpkin patch day care.Mrs.Monique is patient, trustworthy, reliable and reasonable. My son had trouble learning to walk we were beginning to think that there was something wrong with his legs but Mrs. Monique took her time with him and practice exercises that are designed to help improve a child's ability to walk. He is now walking running play like a child we are thankful to Mrs.Monique for her patients professionalism I highly recommend Mrs. Monique's pumpkin patch day care located in Glen Bernie Maryland. 
Everytime we drive past Ms. Monique's Pumpkin Patch Daycare my grandchild points and smiles at the pumpkin patch we stop by every now and then so that he gets a chance to see her. My grandson is 4 now so he no longer goes to Ms. Monique's in home daycare but he still loves to stop by to say hello.
Hello my name is Lucy's, I'm new to Maryland and I just moved to Glen Burnie about four months ago. I needed to find a daycare to fast being that I'm starting my new job right away. I placed my child in Ms. Monique's pumpkin patch day care because her home was very warm and inviting she seemed very experienced a professional and every child and her day care were very social and happy I am completely satisfied with my child being in Pumpkin Patch Daycare of Glen Burnie md. 
I've tried other day care centers there way too many kids to pay any attention to my kids I got fed up with of my kids coming home sick all the time and getting in fights all the time they are too young to be going to any of that I heard about Ms. Monique's pumpkin patch day care from someone that was also leaving she was taking her child to Pumpkin Patch and I decide to give it a try. I'm never going back to that old daycare center and I'm completely satisfied with Pumpkin Patch Daycare and there Glen Burnie location is in a great neighborhood with friendly neighbors
Pumpkin patch day care is the best I've had all my grandchildren go literally years I've recommended this day care to my friends and family members they all they're all satisfied with this child care.
My son loves Ms. Monique and the kids at Pumpkin patch day care in the morning my child get excited know he's on his way to Pumpkin Patch and he hates when it's time to leave. My wife loves the fact that our son never comes home with the scratches, cuts like we've experienced at a different child care center in the past.
I love Ms. Monique's pumpkin patch day care of friend told me about the daycare I just moved toGlenburnie and just had a new infant so I needed trustworthy and secure place to have watch my baby while I was at work my job provides daycare but I've seen the way they handle baby's and would never keep my child there. With Pumpkin Patch I never have that problem I trust Ms. Monique with my baby I'm proud to say that I'm a satisfied Mother of pumpkin patch daycare
I found Ms. Monique's Pumpkin Patch day care or Google my child I has ADD so she needs a lot of attention and I know from experience that big day care centers can't provide that for her so switched her to this day care it's been months now and my child comes home happy all the time she's very social no longer isolates herself I think that the choice of switching was a wise choice. Ms. Monique has the time to give her the extra attention she needs and she listens. Pumpkin Patch day care has literally improved my child behavior.
My kids get very excited every time we pass Ms. Monique's Pumpkin Patch day care they smile and point my oldest is to old now to continue going there but her still remembers Ms. Monique the kids at Pumpkin Patch day care and a home-cooked Meals so every now and then we pay a visit.
I was told about Ms. Monique's Pumpkin Patch from a friend of the family who also had her child in this daycare located in Glen Burnie Maryland which is actually pretty close to me she said she was trustworthy secure and her home was a fun loving environment so I decided to give it a try I'm now pregnant with my second child and I plan to continue my service at ms Monique's Pumpkin Patch daycare with my 2nd child as well
I'm a single mother with four kids to take care of all on my own and the twins are like thing 1 and thing 2 lol always get into things they needed someone that had experience and dealing with children with behavior problems and that was also professional that could also spend a little extra time with them. I found that atMs. Monique's Pumpkin Patch day care .
hands down the best Maryland day care ever. I've never seen my kids so happy in the morning to go to Ms. Monique's Pumpkin patch and so sad to leave the daycare in afternoon. Anyone that puts a smile on my kids faces gets A+ in my book.
I got some bad ass kids :-) I'm not proud of that but it's true. Every day Care I had my kids in did not have the patience to deal with. it was becoming a headache to keep dealing with this issue. Ms. Monique's Pumpkin patch daycare has helped me solve this problem.
my grandparents were my babysitters but my grandfather had passed away and my grandmother became too ill to watch my child. I needed a trustworthy and reliable daycare provider not to mention local and affordable. I found Ms. Monique's pumpkin patch daycare on Google she had all positive views. I couldn't be more pleased with my choice.



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